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Elite athletes can serve as healthy role models for today’s youth but it is important for parents to balance the image of a successful sports hero with the realities of life behind the scenes to help put a human face on Olympic-sized success. According to Dr. Gail Beck, Director of Youth Outpatie...


By: Melinda Lamarche While the weather has been on the upswing for a while now, the official start to summer is just around the corner! School is winding down and friends and family are coming out of hibernation to spend quality time together, often over a meal or two (or three!) To get you re...

Prolonged exposure to sun and heat can be very harmful to babies and young children.  It is important - especially at this time of year - for parents to refresh themselves on best-practices for keeping kids safe over the summer. In 2015, the Government of Canada posted a comprehensive checklist o...

Will the real grownups please stand up? It seems everywhere you look these days politicians are behaving badly, throwing Twitter fits, or in Wednesday’s case - actual fits - in the halls of government power. In an unprecedented move ahead of a controversial vote to limit debate on the governme...