by Lianne Castelino It is becoming inceasingly apparent to me that many minor hockey teams are coached not just to hit but to hurt.  I have previously vented (in this space) about how ludicrous it is that contact starts at 11 years of age in minor hockey leagues in O...

Jock Climie is a father of 3, a lawyer and football analyst on TSN.  How does he balance his busy and demanding careers with his young family?  Jock shares some of his challenges and tips in an interview with Lianne Castelino of

Dietitian Kim Arrey explains the Heart & Stroke Foundation's Health Check program to Andrea Howick

Dietitian Kim Arrey explains to Andrea Howick how to read cereal nutrition labels in the supermarket.

by Lianne Castelino So another national study is out confirming, yet again, that Canadians of all ages are grossly physically inactive. Someone please tell me why we need to keep studying this?  Why can't we invest more time, energy and brain power into some forward thinking and implementi...

Dietitian Kim Arrey explains to Andrea Howick how to read nutition labels on cereal boxes.

Skating and hockey have become increasingly popular. If you plan to start your young toddler, Andrea Howick has some tips, sponsored by Dynowear by Protective Undergarment, unique padding for little ones!

Being good to planet Earth through sustainable living is not only about keeping your environment healthy, but also your family. Parents are faced with a myriad of products that could do great damage to the health of their children – from the plastics that make their bottles and toys, the garden spra...

by Lianne Castelino   So it's here, the first official day of summer vacation for your child.  Where in the world did that school year go exactly?  First-day jitters ---- poof ---- last day goodbyes.  It moves like wildfire.  Everyth...

Getting kids involved in your region’s Canada Day celebrations is a welcome change to the sometimes less-than-inspiring lectures they receive about our country’s history in their classrooms. This special day, celebrated on July 1 every year since 1867, receives attention from almost every city in th...