By @Deb_Lowther Feeding kids can be a game of hide and seek or hit and miss. Some foods are an instant hit and easy to get kids to eat while others you have to hide or sneak into a sauce.  Teaching kids young about nutrition won't solve the green vegetable debate with your toddler, but it will he...

Lianne Castelino of and cooking instructor Siva Swaminathan make a healthy, high-fiber turkey meatball pasta recipe

Lianne Castelino of speaks to author Luis Fernando Llosa about his new book "Beyond Winning:  Smart Parenting in a Toxic Sports Environment".

http://whereparentstalk.comDietitian Kim Arrey explains to Andrea Howick how to read cereal nutrition labels in the supermarket.

by Lianne Castelino I was recently privileged to be invited to a food photography workshop, which was organized in tandem with a taste-testing session for a line of new healthy menu options at one of Canada's lea...

Lianne Castelino of speaks to Isabelle Charest, mom of 2, three-time Olympian and nutritionist about transitioning a baby from breastmilk or formula to store-bought milk and solid foods.

Lianne Castelino of speaks to Dr. Mark Tremblay about the leading factors contributing to childhood obesity and about the role of parents in this growing epidemic.

Ken Myers, Guest Contributor Being a working mom, it is often hard to come home and prepare a meal that everyone will love and one that will not wear you out. I have been using Pinterest for a while now and have found many recipes through this site. My family is very impressed with the new ...
halloween candy

In April of 2008, New York Sun columnist Lenore Skenazy let her then 9-year old son ride the subway home alone from Bloomingdales in Manhattan. She left him with a map, a Metrocard for the subway, $20 and some change to use a pay phone - remember those? not a cell phone, a PAY phone, in case he need...

by Lianne Castelino I have finally found it!  A book that should be required reading for every parent --- not to mention any and all non-parents ----responsible for feeding their families and themselves. This book should the eating publics' bible. It's called "French Kids Eat Everything" an...