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Posted August 4, 2010

Energy drinks a no-go for children

by Crystal Cossitt

Most parents would have to agree, the last things our kids need is more energy especially in the form of sugary syrupy caffeinated beverages.

The Canadian Medical Association Journal released an editorial Monday titled “Caffeinating” children and youth about the drastic increase in the popularity of energy drink amongst kids and teens.

The editorial states that some of these 500 mL energy drinks are equivalent to allowing your child to drink ten cans of coke in one...

Category :: Food

Posted July 15, 2010

Sugar Mountain: What are our Babies and Toddlers Eating?

by Daniella Girgenti with files from Crystal Cossitt

The battle lines are drawn between healthy eating crusaders and industry, First Lady Michelle Obama and multinationals in the foodservice arena, all with a view to zero in on the enemy – obesity.  The marketing of food products to children, in particular products that are high in sugar, sodium, calories and fats, is being targeted by a growing number of American manufacturers.

North of the border, the movement is perhaps more understated, but every bit as determined.  The...

Category :: Food

Posted December 1, 2009

The Meal Deal: Off to A Solid Start

by Lianne Castelino and Andrea Howick

It’s here. Circled on the calendar for months. The milestone you’ve read volumes about. Your pediatrician confirms – it’s time. D-day. (Panic attack time!)

Your baby is ready to eat REAL FOOD. (GULP)

The questions swim in your head – where in the world do I start, what do I buy, how much, when, how often, organic, commercial, purees, name brands – overwhelming to say the least.

Introducing your baby to solid foods is the first major milestone in an infants’ life, and...