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The Facts of Lice

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How do I know if my kid has lice?

First, you have to know what to look for.

  • You’ll either see the incessant itching from your child, or you’ll get a notice from the school or daycare that your child was checked and lice was found. If you are uncertain, confi rm the identifi cation from a doctor or a free diagnosis kit through
  • Check places where lice like to congregate, such as hot spots around the ears, nape and crown of the head.
  • Lice are sesame seed-shaped, about 1-4 mm in size; they are grey, red, dark brown or black in colour but not white.
  • Lice do not fl y or hop. They crawl.
  • Lice eggs (nits) are tiny clear sacs when empty and brown when they are unhatched, or viable. They cling to the base of the hair shaft and cannot be flicked off.

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