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"Congratulations on this lovely looking web site...very appealing colours, soothing to look at.  Information is always better received when one is more relaxed!"

A. Sabourin, Obstetrical Nurse, Montreal, QC

  • "I am the Nurse Manager at a Birthing Center in Oregon. I have been looking for some up todate DVD's to have our patients watch before they go home, and stumbled across your DVD "Bringing Baby Home". I received my copy today and watched it on my lunch break. I just had to tell you that it rocks! I watched it with some of my nurse's and I was in awe that it was medically accurate plus from a mother's point of view very matter of fact and easy to understand. Thank you so much for producing this!"

    Barbara Boyd RN, Nurse Manager
    Williamette Valley Medical Centre, McMinnville, OR

  • "This video provides a thorough overview of the many subjects a new mother and even a repeat mother should be aware of. The information is presented clearly, succinctly, and the corresponding video footage adds credence to what is being discussed. I would recommend new mothers and healthcare providers be made aware of the content of this video."

    Missey Moe-Cook, LCCE
    Childbirth Educator for iVillage Parenting Network, Darien, CT

  • "Bringing Baby Home is a great resource for parents. All the information you need is front and centre, clearly laid out and demonstrated."

    Martin Kratt, Co-creator & co-star
    Zoboomafoo, Emmy Award-winning PBS kids' show

  • "Here is the informative and reassuring video instructions that should have arrived before or with your baby! Concise and up to date."

    Trevor Ham, MD, FAAP, FRCP
    Pediatrician, New Mexico, USA

  • This is an excellent, informative DVD about feeding your baby from four to twelve months of life. The range of the contents is vast and the DVD goes into detail about many of the possible questions new parents would ask about allergies, food intolerances, and making homemade baby foods. There is an adequate amount of depth in the contents, but not an overwhelming amount of information for new parents

    This resource is designed for new parents interested in learning more about what to expect with regards to eating for their new baby from 6 to 12 months of age. It is an easy to follow resource as there are sections highlighted for what to expect when feeding begins with babies. At the end of each section, the main points are highlighted and reviewed, which is quite helpful in reminding the audience what was taught throughout that section. The author has not introduced new material, however has introduced a well-organized, concise report of feeding your baby. The author explains cues on when babies are ready to eat, how to make homemade foods for babies, when to start different food groups and textures, and also gives a variety of options for parents when preparing foods for their baby (such as vegetarian options). There is also a paediatrician who is interviewed throughout the DVD and he addresses many important issues that parents bring to his attention such as constipation, food allergies, anemia, and the importance of vitamin D for babies. The content is very accurate and would be a useful resource for all new parents.

    Krista Wadden
    Members in Action Newsletter - August 2008 Volume 9 Issue 8

  • This engaging 50-minute DVD guides parents through introducing solid foods to babies 6 to 12 months. The advice is in line with American Academy of Pediatrics’ guidelines and the format makes the information accessible to those parents who are more likely to watch than read about what they want to know. Solid nutrition information from well-known dietitian Louise Lambert-Lagace is matched with advice from a pediatrician and tips from moms. It’s worth watching more than once.

    Parenting New Hampshire
    June 2007

  • As an Occupational Health Nurse I am particularly pleased to find a high caliber resources to promote and yours is very good quality. It is educational, supportive and reassuring to new & prospective parents, Kudos to you! It is also reasonably-priced and as a manager with budget restrictions, I fully appreciate that.

    Colleen Hill, R.N., COHN(C)
    Manager, Health Services - Manulife Financial - Toronto, Ontario October, 2004

  • As a first time parent, I found that it was full of useful information to put me at ease when I brought Cole home. Thank you for this wonderful and practical gift!

    J. Flocken & M. Crimmings
    Washington , DC - November 2005

  • When I saw Bringing Baby Home I thought it was really useful, really concrete information. It dealt with so many scenarios that could come up. I thought the manner in which it was done was very thoughtful. This is the same feedback I got from the mums who watched it; they felt it dealt with questions they had already asked themselves. These are young women who would definitely not be able to afford to buy themselves something like this.

    Gabriela Richman - Coordinator, Young Parents Program
    Head and Hands - Montreal , Quebec - November, 2005

  • This video was ordered for our Huntington Hospital Community Health Library. I screened it, and I have to say that it was very informative! I am a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 3 and this video was still able to teach me quite a few tips on baby care! I loved it and I know that our community will love it also. I only wish that this resource was available when I was a new mom!!!

    M. Garcia
    Huntington Memorial Hospital - Pasadena, California - July 2005

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I really liked the video, the way it went step by step uncomplicated it. It was very detailed. The circumcision section, how to care for the baby after...

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