When Work And Parenting Collide: Juggling Your Two (Or More) Lives

When you’re working and raising a family, it’s easy for it to feel like a juggling act. There are a lot of hats you need to wear, which can start to leave you feeling stressed or out of control. It’s not always easy, and sometimes you’ll need to take a step back to...

Scientific Strategies To Improve Communication with Your Child: Dr. William Stixrud, Neuropsychologist

Finding the right words to use at the right time when communicating with kids, can confound even the most conscientious parent. It was this precise feedback from parents themselves that led in large part to Dr. William Stixrud's latest book, co-authored with Ned...

What Parents Should Know about Trans Children and Gender Identity: Moms POV

By all accounts, there was nothing to indicate anything would be different. It began in 2016, when the youngest of Cynthia Sweeney's three daughters was 10 years old. Welcome to where parents talk. I'm Lianne Castelino. Our guest today are two moms with five children...

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Understanding 'Complex Pain' and How It Affects Children and Teens

by Where Parents Talk Podcast | 2021

Money Talks: The ABC's of Teaching Kids About Financial Literacy

by Where Parents Talk Podcast | 2021

The Importance of Teaching Empathy In Raising Children: An Interview with Mary Gordon

by Where Parents Talk Podcast | 2021

On Life, Loss, Legacy and Transgender Parenting: A Dad’s Journey

by Where Parents Talk Podcast | 2021

Civility, Respect and Etiquette with Dr. Lew Beyer

by Where Parents Talk Podcast | 2021

Should I Stay Home? Or go back to work?

by Parent Talk Radio | 2008


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Why saying “No” to a child can be a good thing. Carl Pickhardt, shares his informed perspective of 30+ years as a psychologist, author & parent.

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Feeling both rushed + guilty about not spending enough time with your kids?
@JulieMorgenstrn shares her simple, proven strategies w/ @liannecastelino

#timemanagement #parentingtips #parenting #juliemorgenstern #whereparentstalk #parentingpodcast

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What did the science reveal when @lindy2350 set out to write her book: How To Raise Kids Who Aren’t Assholes?

#melindawennermoyer #parentingstrategies #parentingtips #parentingadvice #parentingradio #1059theregion #parentingpodcast #parenteducation

What parents need to know to help protect kids who play sports.
@AlliForsyth of @itp_sport speaks from first-hand experience as an abuse victim & survivor.
Her interview w/ @liannecastelino about signs to watch for & how to report matltreatment safely.


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