Strategies to Help Youth Intervene Against Online Hate and Casual Prejudice

In this episode of the Where Parents Talk podcast, host Lianne Castelino speaks to Kara Brisson-Boivin, PhD, Director of research at MediaSmarts, a Canadian not for profit organization focused on digital and media literacy, adjunct Research Professor in the Department...

Understanding Youth Aggression and School-based Violence Prevention with Dr. Tracy Vaillancourt

In this episode of the Where Parents Talk podcast, host Lianne Castelino speaks to Dr. Tracy Vaillancourt, a Canada Research Chair in school based mental health and violence prevention, full professor in the faculty of education, counselling psychology and the School...

Tips to Successfully Navigate the First Year of University with Dr. Janet Miller

There was nothing available in Canada that quite hit the mark for Dr. Janet Miller, so, she took matters into her own hands. "I wanted to make it person," says the author of You @ the U: A Guided Tour through Your First Year of University. "I wanted to make it their...

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The science behind the teenage brain.

@terriapter psychologist & author of The Teen Interpreter on what parents should know about the adolescent brain & its development.

#Podcast & video invu with @liannecastelino

#parenting #parentingtips #podcast


What does divorcing well look like in a family?

Consultant, psychotherapist, author & mom @KarenSBonnell explains in a video and podcast interview with @LianneCastelino

#parenting #parentingtips #divorce #coparenting #family

First year university is a few short weeks away for many.

What to expect?

Dr. Janet Miller, psychologist, professor, counsellor breaks it down from a student's POV.

@UBCPress @mountroyal4u @UCalgary @liannecastelino #parentingtips #university


Did you know?

50+ #podcast platforms + #video interviews with parenting thought leaders

#parenting #parentingtips @LianneCastelino #experts

Why saying “No” to a child can be a good thing.

Carl Pickhardt, shares his informed perspective of 30+ years as a psychologist, author & parent.

#parenting #teenparenting #parentingteens #parentingtips #parentinghelp #carlpickhardt #teenpsychologist

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