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Canadian Olympian, mom, broadcaster and author on her childhood and motherhood

Photo courtesy: Perdita Felicien.  Photo by: Martin Brown

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Many of my friends are saying they feel oddly insecure & wonder, "Are my friends still my friends?" These are confident adults. Now imagine you're 12 & all your friendships were fragile BEFORE covid. We're going to have to boost kids' sense of belonging if we want them to learn.

“Unhealthy parental pressure is infecting our youth with the host of mental illness issues, such as substance abuse, eating disorders, low self-esteem, anxiety disorders.”
-Dr. Weisinger @Pressuretweets

#parentalpressure #parentingpodcast #parenting

Premier Ford, asked about back to school plans: Kids are going back to in-person learning this Sept; plan will be released soon. "They are going back even if I have to hop in that school bus and drive the myself." Also encourages teachers to get vaccinated #onted #onpoli

Help your teen find purpose! Purpose helps individuals become “inner directed” and feel intrinsically motivated to do things because they want to, not because they must. #ParentalPressure #ParentPressures #ReducePressure

NEW: @LianneCastelino interviews Dr. Hank Weisinger @Pressuretweets, clinical psychologist, on unhealthy #parentalpressure and the dangerous effects it can have on youth.

#mentalhealth #whereparentstalk #teenhealth #eatingdisorders #substanceabuse

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