DR. Hank Weisinger

The many faces of parental pressure with a clinical psychologist, father of 2, speaker and author

Photo courtesy: Dr. Hank Weisinger

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What does it take to raise a child who #flourishes? And, coping with a child with #autism and special needs within a blended family. Catch the podcast recording of @LianneCastelino’s conversations with @micheleborba and @SilkenLaumann


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Keep reminding your kids AND yourself: "We can do this." Positive self talk negates pessimism, reduces stress & opens hope. Key is to make sure your kid hears those messages enough so he says it to himself & builds #optimism. "We got this!" #thrivers

Where @Parents_Talk - Today at 10:30 am: @LianneCastelino chats with Educational Psychologist @micheleborba on helping children thrive & Olympic Medallist @SilkenLaumann on parenting kids with special needs + tune in to find how you can #WIN a copy of Dr. Borba's book

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