When we started in 2003, you could count parenting websites on one hand!

These days, WhereParentsTalk.com is part of a plethora of parenting-focused websites. We’ve watched the parenting space explode online — some sites have endured, others more short-lived.

Through it all, we have remained true to our roots focused on providing proven tips and advice for parents by parents.

After all, only parents can understand what another parent is going through.

About Lianne Castelino

Lianne is a wife and mom of three.

The seed for a parenting-focused business was planted in her mind while taking pre-natal classes with her first child, in 1996. Back then, there were few Canadian-produced video resources for parents.

Her passion stoked the entrepreneurial flame and led to Liandrea.com, Liandrea Productions Inc., and finally, WhereParentsTalk.com.

Along the way, the production of two award-winning, how-to DVDs featuring leading medical experts in baby care and nutrition. These products have been sold in WalMart, Costco, Amazon, Chapters and other retailers as well as online, in North America, Europe and Australia. They have also been used as teaching tools for new and expectant parents in pre-natal classes across Canada, the United States and  other countries.

A broadcast journalist, public relations and communications professional, Lianne is deeply committed to making life a little easier for other parents — by providing a space for moms and dads to share their golden nuggets of wisdom with each other.

The parenting landscape has changed markedly since 1996.
Neighbourhoods, communities, distance from and proximity to family, the internet, technology — and more.

One thing remains constant, however: it takes a village to raise a child.

Let’s Work Together!

I am passionate about helping individuals and organizations share their story and elevate their brand, with a proven track record in the parenting space, healthcare, education, not-for-profit among others.

As an award-winning journalist, communications and media professional, I bring more than 25 years of experience (strategic, tactical and hands-on), results and a vast network to every project.

Learn more: 

Lianne’s Bio & Professional Services
Lianne’s personal website 
Lianne’s portfolio

Areas of expertise and service offerings:

  • Content Development (concept to content creation for all platforms)
  • Event Speaking (host, moderator, interviewer, virtual keynotes)
  • Video Production (impactful, resonant video storytelling)
  • Influencer (parenting, entrepreneur, journalist)
  • Media Relations(strategy, pitching and results)
  • Media Training (professional instruction)

I look forward to connecting with you! 

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Overhaul and relaunch of WhereParentsTalk.com


Lianne flies solo. Andrea pursues other projects.


Re-brand and launch of WhereParentsTalk.com.


Lianne moves to Toronto, Ontario.
Andrea remains based in Montreal, Quebec.


Produced two award-winning DVDs. Bringing Baby Home, on newborn care and Yummy in my Tummy on starting solids, in both English and French. (This was way before YouTube and there were very few similar parenting resources available).

Authored, ‘Yummy in My Tummy’ a companion book to the DVD.

Produced corporate videos for several clients including: P&G, Danone Canada and others.


Liandrea Productions Inc., is founded by Lianne Castelino and Andrea Howick in Montreal, Quebec.
A business venture out of the basements when, “parenting” and “video” in the same breath was foreign at best.


The behind-the scenes work ensues: planning, pitching, relationship-building, securing medical experts, researching, putting the pieces in place to produce a first how-to DVD for new and expectant parents.


Lianne Castelino noodles the idea of creating a Canadian-made educational parenting resource, during pre-natal classes with her first child.

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