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Baby Box Ontario

Inspired by Finland’s longstanding tradition of providing a safe sleep environment for infants to new parents, the Baby Box Company is now providing a certified Baby Box to expectant mothers and fathers across Ontario free of charge for those who register and complete the online form. The Baby Boxe...


Please Note: The below Q&A is for informational purposes only and shouldn’t be considered a substitute for seeking advice from a healthcare practitioner regarding your child’s unique health needs. spoke with Dr. Jessica Burke Browman, a licensed and board certified Naturo...

By: Melinda Lamarche While the weather has been on the upswing for a while now, the official start to summer is just around the corner! School is winding down and friends and family are coming out of hibernation to spend quality time together, often over a meal or two (or three!) To get you re...

Prolonged exposure to sun and heat can be very harmful to babies and young children.  It is important - especially at this time of year - for parents to refresh themselves on best-practices for keeping kids safe over the summer. In 2015, the Government of Canada posted a comprehensive checklist o...