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Stephen Gosewich is a devoted and aspiring enlightened male. In his spare time, he spends his weekdays as a commercial real estate professional, and all other times with his wonderfully supportive wife and two very active and inspiring daughters. He makes his home in Toronto, Canada and enjoys family time, pop culture, blogging words of enlightened wisdom (he tries to), spinning up a storm in third position and perfecting his downward dog.
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I used to think that homework was a rite of passage that every child had to go through. When I was a kid it was assigned and it had to get completed or there would be some pretty serious hell to pay! But never did I look at homework as being something that would benefit my ability to learn or ...
Taking Things for Granted

There we were, the four of us, around the table eating dinner. Dinnertime seems to be one of the few times during the day when we, as a family unit, are together... undistracted from the outside (other than telemarketers calling our house at the dinner hour). We are able to talk about each other's d...

As was the case with millions of people around the world on September 11, 2011, I spent some time not only remembering the tragic and horrific events of September 11, 2001 but also watching the various news channels who were airing tributes and re-broadcasts of the actual live newscasts that took pl...

Congratulations! You did it! Pour yourself a very big glass of your favorite wine and celebrate! You made it through the first week of school. Isn't amazing how quickly we adapt to change? Getting back into the routine of the kids being back at school is a lot like getting on a bicycle after ...