The Little Things in Life

The Little Things in Life

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By: Crystal Cossitt

I know most of you are probably expecting your daily dose of Lianne and Andrea's wisdom. But I asked them kindly if I could have the pleasure of writing a blog after being so inspired!

My name is Crystal and I am a writer and employee of and while, I am not yet a mother myself, I felt like one last night.

I attended an amazing production of “Don't Touch That Dial!” put on by the kids from Saint Francis De Sales Catholic School in Ajax, Ontario.

I was there to see a special family friend– Miguel now 13–who alongside his sister Nicole were performing in this montage of pop culture from the 1950's to present day.

Miguel was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 and since the day I met him all those years ago, I knew he was something special. My mother, an educational assistant would do respite work with Miguel on a weekly basis (and still does)

Miguel, quickly became a part of our family and watching him grow all these years from the little boy I remember to the young man who towers over me today– I was so proud to see him up on the stage, singing along and saying his lines.

It has been a long road for Miguel and his family, extensive therapies, doctors appointments and of course the heartache. I think any parent of a child with autism can relate to the fears that their child may never be able to hold a steady job, or get married or even ever be able to truly “fit in”.

It is the time taken out to appreciate these little moments in life when they shine through and show you how much they have grown and how far they have come.

Also, I just have to say KUDOS to the staff and students who put on such a fantastic show. These Grade 7 and 8 students and teachers took time after school and even on weekends to practice. Very impressive–good to see kids with creativity in use.

Thanks for listening and letting me gloat (just a little!)