25th Anniversary of Missing Children's Network

25th Anniversary of Missing Children's Network

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by Andrea Howick                       www.whereparentstalk.com

It's something no parent wants to think about, let alone live through. Even the words missing + children send a chill down most parents' spine. So we all have to be grateful that there are dedicated people in this world who can not only think about it but indeed face this horror squarely in the face, and make a huge difference in countless lives.

The Missing Children's Network was started 25 years ago today by two heroic women, Marcele Lamarche and the late Susan Armstrong. In their first year, operating out of their car, 8 children were recovered. As a news reporter, I used to cover these stories, and many still haunt me today.

However the Missing Children's Network also focuses on prevention. On teaching parents and kids safety, stranger awareness and coping skills. The number has risen to 675 children returned home. The Network also runs Child ID clinics, which helps families feel safer and sends a powerful message to predators.

Above all, there are those who donate their time and money to make all this possible. An army of tireless volunteers and generous citizens keep this group going. They are the ones who deserve our gratitude and praise. A perfect world wouldn't have an organization like this one…but while we raise our kids and work to make this world a better and safer place, let's help them celebrate 25 years of bringing families hope.