A website’s rebirth

Written by: Lianne Castelino

Published: Apr 12, 2010

by Andrea Howick

Where Parents Talk. Lianne and I often say we have 6 kids between us…but anyone who has started or runs a small business knows, this should count as our 7th baby!

Although to be fair, in 2010 our baby is 7 years old. We started in 2003 as Liandrea (get it, Lianne + Andrea  clever, we know) to produce a series of baby care DVDs. As moms and broadcasters, it struck us baby care is full of visual-friendly demonstrations and interviews. From Day 1, we had a website, www.liandrea.com. A portal for selling our DVDs and posting some relevant information and a few video clips.

But last year, we felt it was time for a re-launch. We wanted the website to be much more interactive Forums, Chats, Blogs, and much, much more video. Also, remember our clever name and web address? Well I had what our friend Oprah calls an moment when someone said to me one day, That’s so great, you have a website! www.liandrea.com, what do you do? Lianne and I discussed it and decided our web address should be more directly suggestive of what we actually do. So www.whereparentstalk.com was born!

So there will certainly be more growing pains along the way. Like this my first official blog on the new website. Many more to come!


That’s me interviewing Family Therapis Vikki Stark for a recent segment on Where Parents Talk TV

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