A Whole New Way for your Baby to Discover the World!

Written by: Lianne Castelino

Published: Nov 23, 2010

Introducing the NEW Baby Einstein Discovery Kits! They will be available in stores on November 23rd. Each kit includes 3 products – a DVD, a music CD and a colourful Book or Discovery CD – that work together to take your baby and you on amazing journeys of discovery every day.

All Baby Einstein Discovery Kits include three complementary products that work together to help parents introduce their baby to music, nature, animals and the arts. Parents can extend the moving picture and music experience of the DVDs to other areas of a baby’s day through the CDs and book or cards which feature the same music and images experienced in the DVD.

The Discovery Kits are available in three levels –Experience, Explore and Expression–so the collection grows with your baby.

Introducing the three Baby Einstein Discovery Kits in each level:

Level 1 – Experience beautiful music along with calming, soothing sounds and images.

Baby Beethoven – A Joyous symphony of Beethoven masterpieces

Baby Lullaby – A soothing collection of bedtime classics (coming February 2011)

Baby Mozart – A playful concert of Mozart favourites

Level 2 – Explore the wonders of the world in the animal kingdom and more!

Animals around me – Delightful fun exploring animals of the neighbourhood and the farm

Neptune’s Ocean – Fascinating fun exploring creatures of the oceans (coming February 2011)

Wild Animal Safari – Enchanting fun exploring wild animals from around the world

Level 3 – Encourage Expression through colours, music, words and joyful participation.

World of Colours – A spirited celebration of colour in Van Gogh masterpieces.

World of Rhythm – A Festive celebration of movement, dance and making music. (coming February 2011)

World of Words = A happy celebration of nature in poems and music.

Check out an exclusive video clip from our Baby Beethoven Discovery Kit feat. Symphony # 6 & a whole lot of puppet fun:

Check out the official Baby Einstein website http://www.babyeinstein.com


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