All about YOU!

All about YOU!

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by Lianne Castelino

So unique and so precious. A gift that is so difficult to describe to those who don’t have it. It is impossible to explain weaving (safely!) through traffic to get to hockey practice on time, hurdling over grocery shoppers to get the cupcake essentials for the surprise birthday celebration at school, rummaging through mounds of toys to save that favorite blankie from a certain fate, leaping over piles of dirty laundry to find those gym clothes then racing to deliver them before class starts.

Why on earth do we put ourselves through this? Because we are blessed to feel unimaginable joy at a challenge overcome, pure and sweet pride at a lesson learned, frustration at the forgetfulness, anger at the deceit, exhaustion from the sleeplessness, and happiness at being the comforter, voice of reason, friend, giver of hugs, receiver of artwork made with little hands, confidante, and most importantly MOM.

I could never imagine life without my three angels. They have brought me more joy than I could possibly express. So blessed, so fortunate, I realize and am so very thankful.

To all you new, expectant and grizzled veteran moms out there – enjoy your day. Celebrate, reminisce, savour every second.

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Happy Mother’s Day!


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