As a parent&#...

As a parent– Is less really more?

by Lianne Castelino

There is a lot of be said for being less is more types. Especially when it comes to figuring out what activities to sign your kids up for.

Today’s kids are so wired on all kinds of extra-curricular activities (sports, music, etc ) and absolutely forced into the be better than the next kid mentality — result of living in the information age — that it is tiring for parents to keep up with financially, logistically and mentally. Not to mention a source of exhaustion for kids

We’ve been there. However, a few years ago, my husband and I got smart and scaled back even more with our three kids. We narrowed it down to one sporting activity per season and music. When you do the math with three that adds up in a hurry between practices and games.

Having two boys, we can attest that they need sports it’s their outlet it’s the arena in which most boys are most comfortable. So sports stays. Music develops different parts of a child’s brain research has proven that. So music stays. For our daughter, sports is important to get her comfortable in that space and keep up with her brothers. Music is key to continue developing her love of the arts. Decision made.

What we’ve discovered from further scaling back is more time to do other things we all love like: playing board games (that is a genetic condition that has evolved from generation to generation in our family!!), simple arts and crafts projects (can’t get enough of that), quiet reading (there’s a concept in the age of electronic games mayhem!!), an after-dinner walk around the block, and most importantly perhaps, the idea of spending that infamous quality time with your children. We take turns between doing it as a family and one-on-one with each child. It makes such a difference when they know they have your undivided attention.

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