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Canada Day, History and Kids

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Robin Matte knows the trials and tribulations that Canadian history teachers face when it comes to teaching kids. With a less than exciting reputation, the topic of history can be “very dry,” concedes Robin, a fifth grade teacher in the Windsor, Ontario area.

So what does Robin suggest to get kids excited about our country’s history? Here are Robin’s top tips for parents and teachers to educate children of any age on the history of Canada…all the while having fun at the same time!

  • Engage kids in hands-on activities in order to capture their interest: Get kids role-playing and re-enact a historical event, hold mock interviews and pretend to be our first Prime Minister, John A. McDonald, or have formal debates.
  • Embrace diversity: Canadians are a diverse group, with various cultures from around the world now living in one country. Compare and contract other countries’ celebratory occasions with Canada’s to get kids interested and understanding diversity.
  • Read and discuss articles on influential Canadians: Make sure to read stories on young Canadians to keep kids’ interest as well. Knowing that young people have influence will not only teach them about Canadian history, but also provide a sense of empowerment.
  • Go online: Find websites designed for your child’s age group, where they can learn historical facts through game playing and interactive quizzes.
  • Use visual arts: Children love to make pictures, paintings, or sculptures to show what they’ve learned.
  • Be positive: If children know that you are excited about a new learning event, they will capture the spirit as well.


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Answers to Canada Quiz for Kids! (Take this quiz here)

1. Dominion Day
2. Jeanne Sauve
3. Marc Garneau
4. Quebec City
5. Landmark, Manitoba
6. 14 Gold medals, an Olympic record for gold medails by a host nation.
7. True. James Naismith invented basketball.
8. Bachman Turner Overdrive
9. 1949
10. Painting