Cheaters Get Caught

Written by: Lianne Castelino

Published: May 17, 2011

by Lianne Castelino

They say politics makes for strange bedfellows.  THEY are so darn wise.  Would THEY also know then why so many politicians, Arnold Schwarzenegger being the latest, make such phenomenally poor choices in their bedrooms?

What is it with these so called “public servants”?  Do they forget how to serve their own wives and children?  How many of them now have we all had to listen to as they flail around in public professing their guilt over extramarital affairs.

Yes, most politicians have insanely busy schedules, are away from their families a lot, come into contact with tons of people on a daily basis, have sizeable egos and a certain confidence about themselves, but does that give them the right to engage in (usually) fleeting self-gratification through the form of affairs?

I feel for Maria Shriver and her three children.  Having such a painfully private episode become so incredibly public in the span of seconds must be horrifying.  However, she seems to have taken the high road since Arnold’s admission that he fathered a child with a former member of their household staff last night.

Maria is interested in the well-being of her children.  And so she should be and I hope they are all able to heal in the time necessary to fully come to terms with their husband and father not only having an affair with someone but actually having a child with them and keeping it a secret for a DECADE.

Just imagine if that happened to you?  Now imagine how awful it would be with four broken hearts to heal and a slew of reporters to contend with.

Adultery, which is a term we no longer use, likely because it sounds so criminal and in many minds it is — adultery is a hurtful, selfish thing.  I can thing of no good reason to engage in it in outside of selfishness, greed and power— the desire to please oneself, to please someone else at the cost of other lives and the power to try and get away with it.

If you are unhappy in your relationship – TALK about it.   If you cannot talk about it, then it perhaps the relationship was doomed before it even started. If you are grossly unhappy — get out of it.  But for goodness sake don’t think that cheating will help the original problem.  Pretty basic, right?

Maria Shriver has done the right thing by separating from a cheating spouse.  So did the late Elizabeth Edwards whose husband John, another politician did the same.  There are so many names to add to this list — why?

What snaps in their brains or elsewhere?  If you have a penchant for affairs, even one, just don’t get married and for goodness sake DO NOT have children.

Just go ask Tiger Woods.

Now we’re going to have to listen to Arnold repent — on every talk show, in every magazine, everywhere.  Please spare us all.  You should have thought of that before your brain stopped working 10 years ago.

Those poor children and poor wife.  Who thinks of them while Arnold’s on the repenting circuit?


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