Dressing for Baby and You

Written by: Lianne Castelino

Published: Mar 7, 2011

Back when my mom was pregnant with me, she had two options for maternity clothing: baggy and baggier. When I first announced I was expecting my first child, she lamented that I would be able to carry her future grandchild in a lot more style than was available to her once upon a time.

I’ll admit I was worried. I like to stay on-trend with my fashion choices and update my wardrobe a couple times a year with a few key pieces for that particular season.  Finding an outfit that makes me feel great and is attractive and occasion-appropriate can be a challenge under normal circumstances. Suddenly throwing in a factor like a constantly-changing shape that I wasn’t used to seemed daunting.

I wasn’t even sure where to begin. I knew that comfort and versatility were my top priorities, but I also wanted options that made me look and feel great as my body changed and grew. As I began researching
the styles available to me, I expected an array of mummus and other various tents in a variety of colors and materials. However as always, my mom was right (but shhh, don’t tell her I said that!): I was taken by surprise with the gorgeous tops featuring fabulous details, jeans and pants in various styles, dresses in an assortment of silhouettes and beautiful selection of accessories that are available to pregnant women these days.

Sara Witzaney, owner of Calgary’s Posh Mommy boutique and online store, offers a few simple tips for building your maternity wardrobe and finding pieces that make you feel confident and even sexy.

Mix and match – Look for pieces that are not limited to one specific outfit, for example, a few fabulous, dressy tops that can be paired with basic-yet-flattering pants or a skirt. This allows for the flexibility of
a new look for every occasion, be it a night on the town with your girlfriends (which can still be done while sipping virgin cocktails!), or wearing the top with jeans for a casual dinner out with your partner. Meanwhile the pants and skirts transition easily into perfect office attire.

Fabulous find: 9 Fashion Delaria Blouse with Seven for All Mankind double knit skinny or bootcut pants. The skinny cut can be used as leggings for casual affairs, while the bootcut is ideal for work or Sunday morning mass.


– Even the most basic outfit can go from so-so to stunning when paired with the right accessories. Keep your clothing simple and draw attention to a beautiful, unique necklace. A scarf is another great option, instantly adding a burst of color to neutral  tones, but also coming in handy after birth to hide that postpartum tummy or drape over your shoulder for a bit of privacy while feeding.

Most importantly advises Sara, just because you’re with child doesn’t mean  you have to retire your sassy heels. Pull them out of your closet to dress up one of your new outfits, however if the occasion calls for something more low-key, simple ballet flats are the perfect choice.

Fabulous find: Jewelry by Lucy the First, a collection of European-inspired designs featuring chunky gold charms, Russian folklore, bohemian, chains, coins, gypsy and military elements.

Show off

– Your belly that is! While empire waists were once the norm for moms-to-be, it is now completely fashionable to dress to accent your bump in something fitted. There’s no better way to showcase an expanding belly than in a yummy mummy dress, such as a classic LBD, or a bold print if you feel adventurous. They key to a fabulous dress is feeling great and exuding that confidence while wearing it.

Fabulous find: The DOTE halter dress. Elegant, classy and nursing-friendly, this dress will take new moms through pregnancy and beyond, and can include some of the aforementioned accessories to add some flair.

Get comfortable – Just because you like to curl up at home with a movie on occasion is no reason to lack style while doing so. Invest in an option that will suit your needs, from running errands (an inevitability as moms always seemed to remember a forgotten baby item that needs to be bought Right Now) to curling up with a book on a cold day.

Fabulous find: Get comfortable in Ingrid and Isabels Everywear Pant paired with a classic Ripe Long sleeve tee! The Everywear pants features a ruched, stretchy top that can be pulled up over the belly or worn folded over and low for extranbelly support, or postpartum when pre-pregnancy jeans don’t quite fit yet.  They’re the perfect option when you want something comfortable, yet stylish enough to wear outside of the house.

Stay warm

– Baby, it’s cold outside (in case you hadn’t noticed)! Chilly nights spent out of the house call for an outside layer to keep you and your bump warm. A versatile coat that can be worn through pregnancy and after is the best way to get the most wear out of the piece. Though it’s initial investment, a great coat isn’t limited in function and can be worn to work or dressier occasions, or over jeans for an evening out all season long.

Fabulous find: The M Coat is incredibly versatile and can be worn prior to or in between pregnancies, during
pregnancy and postpartum while wearing a baby carrier. Beyond the functional purpose, the coat looks fabulous with the faux fur around the hood. Look for the coat in the stunning shade of Raisin!

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