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Easy Sell Healthy Snack Idea!

It’s a scenario that occurs in most homes at least once a day. Your kids have just come barreling through the door after school or after an activity absolutely STARVING. What can you give them that is satisfying, nutritious and doesn’t involve whipping up a whole meal? We’ve got a quick and easy suggestion. Do NOT underestimate the power of yogurt! It’s filling, flavorful, versatile and comes in all kinds of varieties. In fact, I’m convinced that the yogurt section of the grocery store expands each week — occupying more real estate to showcase what is becoming quite an adventure in food! There are the conventional cups, along with tubes and bottled drinks. Then you have the pro-biotic, organic, or whole grain variety among others. And finally if none of these appeals to your child, they will definitely be drawn in like magnets to the eye-popping colors, characters and designs running across yogurt packaging! Heck you don’t even need teeth to enjoy it!

You can also add your own stamp to a yogurt snack. Andrea demonstrates a finger-licking great way to liven up fresh fruit, cereal or granola using yogurt:

At the end of the day it is a simple, healthy, sanity-saving option. And it really doesn’t get boring too quickly.
Snack away!