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Five Famous Fathers, Five Questions – LESLIE ROBERTS – Anchor Global News, Ontario

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Journalism is in his genes. Broadcasting in his blood.

The list is long and impressive. Both of his parents, his brother, a grandfather, a great-grandfather, an uncle — all media/communications professionals in one form or another. It wasn’t long before he too found himself veering down the same path.

Leslie Roberts was whisked into the media spotlight as a fresh-faced teen.

He began his career as a radio reporter in Montreal before quickly moving into television where he has been for 25 years. Step-by-step, Roberts has compiled a diverse and expansive resume which includes work as: a news reporter, talk show host, travel show host, lifestyle-magazine anchor, news director, executive producer and since 2001, in his current capacity, as anchor of Global News Ontario’s 6pm and 11pm newscasts.

A native of Montreal, Roberts’ career path has criss-crossed provinces, pit-stopped in the United States, and spanned a cultural and linguistic divide. Along the way, broadcast industry awards, accolades and acknowledgement as a true professional whose passion for his craft is infectious.

Away from the camera lense, Roberts proudly boasts about his other passion – his daughter Lauren.

Here’s Leslie Roberts’ perspective on fatherhood in his own words.

1. What does being a Dad mean to you? I would say everything.

There is no simple answer to that, other than everything. I think the minute you realize you have this baby suddenly in your life and there is another life that counts on you, it changes you forever. Suddenly you become the adult and life starts to make sense.

2. What is the one thing you have learned about being a Dad that surprised you?

That I can learn from my child, she has taught me a lot of things over the years about the world, parenting and myself. You think the relationship is one-way but in fact it is two-way and it very much enriches both lives.

3. Greatest Dad moment that you can share?

That is a tough one only because there are so many. I would say that there is a common thread throughout and that is she steps up in times of need. We all are so busy in our lives but when something happens whether it be illness or death in the family, I see Lauren drop everything and come and step up to the plate with how she can help. Normally, it’s the parent taking care of the child or the child is the one you don’t want to burden with the problem. But then when you watch suddenly that child become this person who is playing the role of either caregiver or shoulder to cry on or all of those roles you have played over the years that is when you realize you have done something right. I would say there are countless proud dad moments and they all come back to when you see your child has become quite a wonderful person.

4. Biggest challenge as a Dad?

I think it is letting them fall and letting them learn life lessons. Watching Lauren experience life and you know she has to live life experiences to become a full person and be prepared. It can be as simple as taking the training wheels off of the bike or breaking up with a boyfriend– the normal things. You know these things are happening but you can’t be there and pick them up. You can be there to pick them up—but you can’t stop the fall because eventually they have to, as the expression goes “leave the nest.”

5. Your secret to success as a Dad?

I don’t think there is success. I think we all as parents do the best we can and the success is seeing your child become an incredible person, caring first and foremost, self-sufficient and someone who has their priorities in order. So the success of the child is the success of the parent. The child who is well-rounded, successful in whatever challenge they take on and knows when you fall you get back up again then the success comes in seeing the child live life to the fullest.

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