Getting Kids Back to School Post-Pandemic

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Written by: Where Parents Talk Staff

Published: Nov 25, 2023

This week on Where Parents Talk radio on 105.9 The Region, host Lianne Castelino speaks to Elizabeth Galvin, Managing Director of Project Youth Energy, an initiative created to help students who have been severely disrupted by school closures during the global pandemic, to the point that these students have abandoned school altogether.


Managing Director
Project Youth Energy
Mother of 2

“The long term effects of having such a large cohort of young people who are uneducated are undereducated will see those effects on our workforce and our healthcare system, mental health care system, our social programs and their own families, the next generation. So we need to, and we are, we’re pulling them back into the system. And we’re getting them to level up their education and their work skills and get them back on track so they can have a successful future. It’s good for everybody.”

WATCH video interview:  WhereParentsTalkTV



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