Giving Birth To…

Written by: Lianne Castelino

Published: May 31, 2011

By Lianne Castelino

The din of chattering, the deafening noise of networking, the occasional whimper of a baby's laugh, the clickety-clacking of fingers doing the talking on mobile devices —- all these were on display at the Women in Biz Conference, the first of its kind, yesterday in Toronto.

During my brief visit, I had the opportunity to interview a slew of incredibly interesting participants and presenters — all of them moms, all of them entrepreneurs.  Their energy, creative passion, deft multi-tasking capabilities and raw desire for success must be commended.  In particular, those rookie entrepreneurs, who are juggling newborns, balance sheets, school schedules and business plans are truly inspirational.

It is impossible to explain to anyone who hasn't lived it what it's like to be a parent and entrepreneur.  The situation is even more specific and therefore more challenging to explain for a mom and entrepreneur.

They have not just given birth to children.

They have given birth to their passion….given birth to their creative freedom…given birth to setting and achieving their own goals….and given birth to a roller coaster of an adventure with a emotional climbs and descents.   And boy are they in for a ride!

One piece of advice I would offer to these privileged group of people who are tapping into the best of both worlds – parenthood and entrepreneurism — is never forget where you've come from.  

It is easy to be so focused on climbing that you forget what it's like to be on that first rung.  

It's easy to look at other entrepreneurs who are just starting out and forget what their shoes feel like — with all the desire in the world and perhaps little guidance.  

It's easy to sign lucrative deals with big corporations and silently snicker at those who haven't yet 'arrived'.

It's easy to forget each painful and productive step of the journey which made success or growth possible.

It's easy to forget where you came from.

I firmly believe that entrepreneurs, as is the case in many other facets of life, have an incredibly important role to play — especially when it concerns other entrepreneurs.  Each of them hold a powerful key to supporting each other achieve and succeed.  

That help and support should be genuine, open and without barriers.

After all, success breeds success, doesn't it?

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