Here Comes the Bridal Shower

Written by: Lianne Castelino

Published: Jun 9, 2011

by Monica Sarabura, Guest Blog

My earliest recollection of attending a Bridal Shower was when I was about 7 or 8 years old.  My mother took me to the Shower of the daughter of one of her friends.

There were other children at this event, and so as kids invariably do, we found our own space in the basement of the home.  Coincidentally, the basement was also where the desserts were being kept until lunch was
finished.  They were very attractively displayed, each in their own little paper cupcake liner.

I remember clearly that there was one dessert on the table-a type of square, but I don’t recall the ingredients of the divine dessert.  They were really, really good and so I ate them all.  There must have been 3 or 4 trays with an assortment of desserts on them and I picked out every last one of this specific type of treat.

On the way home, my mother asked me if I had fun and I very proudly told her about my feat.  She was absolutely horrified.

The next memory I have of a Bridal Shower was the one held for my sister by her husband’s side of the family.  At this shower, like many, games

were being played and I remember wondering why.

When  I heard that the winner received a prize however, I banished any wondering and got down to

business.  I did not cross my legs for the entire Shower and walked out of the party as the proud owner of a black metal tray adorned with vintage cars.  A ˜must have for all 10 year old’s.

Last Saturday my Aunt held a Shower for my nephew’s fiance.  In my doddering 40’s I’ve come to really enjoy any excuse for a family gathering and this was no exception.

I decided that I would take my two younger daughters with me, and introduce them to the whole concept of the ‘Bridal Shower.  In the days leading up to the event they periodically asked questions about the party.  They seemed very interested about what was going to take place.

It was a lovely affair with many laughs, some at my expense when the mothers of the bride and groom dressed me in a toilet paper dress they had created.

On the way home from the Shower, Ally summed up the experience.  So you go, you eat, you play goofy games, you eat, she opens presents, you eat, you make a stupid looking hat that she has to wear, you eat some more and you leave?”  Ally was perplexed, and of course all her questions were laced with a “grownups are sooo lame sort of tone, but she tried to be understanding, the darling.

Umm, well, ya that’s about it. Put that way, it did seem pretty lame.  I explained that it wasn’t just about the games (which in my adulthood I seem to have lost any ability to win), and it wasn’t just about the presents or the hat or the food (although the food was excellent as I anticipated).  A shower is about laughing, catching up with family, meeting people who were soon to become family and enjoying a lovely afternoon together until the drive home when you suddenly remember that your husband and oldest offspring would be hungry even though we weren’t.

What did you think? I asked my children.

Ally’s response?  I thought it was really weird, but not as bad as I thought it would be.

Score one for introducing my children to some good, clean family fun.  These days, that’s pretty hard to find.  If it makes me a bit nerdy to admit I like a good Shower, then I’m ok with that. And by the reluctant, somewhat embarrassed smiles, so are my kids!


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