Homework 101

Written by: Lianne Castelino

Published: Feb 24, 2010

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your child’s homework or like you’re-learning your childhood education all over again? Not to worry, you are not alone studies show a child’s homework can create stress for both the parents and the child. So, how do parents begin to find the balance between helping your kid out and fighting the urge to just give them the answers? It can be a difficult task and with busy lives and juggling extra curricular activities making time for homework can often seem like a dreadful task for the parent as well. We have compiled a few helpful tips for you: Scheduling a certain time and place for homework will help you and your child establish a daily routine. Make sure they are removed from distractions such as TV. Use this time to ask your child questions, show interest and be supportive and positive without being overbearing. Talking with your child’s teacher and knowing the school’s homework policy could also help to relieve your own stress because you will know the expectations. Help you and your child get organized with a schedule that would outline when certain projects are due as this will help to prioritize the homework. For more homework helping tips visit: http://www.childdevelopmentinfo.com/learning/studytips.shtml http://www2.ed.gov/parents/academic/help/hyc.html http://www.thebeehive.org/Templates/School/Level3Image.aspx

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