How to Choose a Baby Name

Written by: Lianne Castelino

Published: Oct 9, 2010

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Pregnancy is a thrilling, exciting experience, no doubt. But it’s also a pressure-filled time in your life where the constant is change. Your body is changing. Your relationship is changing. Your home is changing. Amidst all this, you are about to welcome a human being into your life. One of the first life-long decisions you make in that baby’s life is to name it.

Much has been made of the importance of names over the years. “What’s in a name?” indeed. It may seem superficial, but scientists have actually studied the impact a name has on a person. A 2009 study in the journal Social Science Quarterly looked at the link between a name’s popularity and the link between the tendancy to commit a crime. They found that unpopular names, when coupled with other factors such as growing up in a single parent family and low socioeconomic status, were associated with juvenile delinquency.

So over the next 9 months while you assemble the crib and stock up on burb cloths, set aside some quiet time for reflection when choosing your baby’s name.

Tips for Choosing Baby Names.

1. Choose something meaningful

This is one of the first big decisions you get to make in your baby’s life. But She won’t be a bay forever. Will the name grow well with your baby? Watch out for creative spellings, or choosing names of all your children that form an alliteration, just for the sake of it. ou might regret it later.

2. Take your time

We’ve established this moniker will follow your child through his entire life. So what’s your rush? Once you’ve selected a few names for your short list, live with them for a while before deciding. You may need to see that newborn in your arms before you decide.

3. Keep it private

The best advice I got from an old friend during my first pregnancy was to tell everyone who offered advice on everything from breastfeeding to bedwetting was to smile politely and say “Thank you for your advice”. Then to retreat to privacy before being influenced by outside factors. As she pointed out, before the baby comes, everyone will have an opinion before the baby is born, but once she’s cooing in their arms any name you’ve chosen will be perfect!

4. Do some research

Sometimes you just are stumped. There is a wealth of information and lists out there to help you choose.

5. Love the name

While you wade through The
Year’s Most Popular Names and the 10 000 Baby Names Book, and make your
list or pros and cons, look up the meaning of names and their Gaelic or
Greek origins…you are likely to find yourself circling back to a name
over and over. Admit it! You love that name. Trust your gut and go with
the name you love.

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