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Written by: Lianne Castelino

Published: Jul 5, 2011

by Lianne Castelino

My husband and I have come to the conclusion that we are still mired in the dinosaur-era.  We must be.

That point is confirmed again and again when it comes to communication techniques.  While each of us is adequately outfitted and armed with a blackberry and a smartphone (in his case), we still prefer to call people.  Whoa.  Yes.  It's true.  You remember the good old-fashioned conversation.  The one brief chat that is the equivalent to 8-10 emails.

To further cement our love for antiquated modes of technology, we have never had call display in our house.  Yes, shocking and perhaps horrifying for some.  From time to time it has been forced on us by our phone providers, but we've always said no.

Why in the world would I want to know who is calling?  Just pick up the phone, deal with it and move on.  I think screening calls should be illegal.  It's just so rude.  It usually takes about 30 seconds to get rid of a telemarketer. 

My personal favourite is people who have call display but still have the nerve to pretend they don't know it's you on the other line, when they can clearly see your name.  Yuck.

About 3 months ago, I was forced to get call display on my blackberry, even though I said, 'no thank you'.  “It comes with the package ma'am,” the voice told me.  “Okay then,” I said begrudgingly.  It has really thrown me off.  When my blackberry rings, I sometimes have time to see who is calling, and that always throws me.  I usually spend time fumbling to hit the answer button.

Yet more proof that we need to fast-forward ourselves into the 19th century, let alone the 21st (when it comes to communication techniques) — can be found when it comes to understanding our teenage son.

I discovered the other day that today's teens all want phones to type and text on — not actually talk on.  He also connects with his friends via Facebook.  Any mere mention or hint at picking up the phone and calling and talking to someone makes him sweat.  He is gently urged to do that on occasion, when the situation merits.  But, wow what a concept.

I find it quite funny, actually!!  Here we are in communications' finest hour, never have we had more ways to connect with people and most of us barely consider picking up the phone and calling people.  We either all think that people are too busy or fear they might pick up the phone and then we actually have to engage our selves in meaningful, genuine dialogue.

How sad.

I don't plan to change my ways personally, any time soon.  It's engrained in my system.  And in this case, it's not necessarily a bad thing.

I think we could all stand to pick up the phone a bit more often whether it's with our families, colleagues or friends. 

A voice can transmit emotion and authenticity.  I have yet to find an email that can do the same.



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