Key Principles of Parenting

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Written by: Where Parents Talk Staff

Published: Jan 27, 2024

Where Parents Talk radio host Lianne Castelino speaks to developmental psychologist, first-time author and mom, Dr. Aliza Pressman about the science behind five key principles in parenting.

Pressman, Dr. Aliza.headshot

Developmental Psychologist
Assistant Clinical Professor, Icahn Medical School
Founder, Mount Sinai Parenting Center
Podcast host
Author, The 5 Principles of Parenting
Mother of two


“I really boil down the science, and then I feel like it was curated enough that I made sure that the science that I mention matters in any context, in any culture, and any community, instead of feeling like I was writing it for one particular community. And the I think the distinguishing feature is making practical from from the the lens that I have, which is a developmental psychologist. So I don’t look at any particular pathology, I’m looking at change over time, and how we come to be who we are. So I was able to say here’s how it applies with infants, here’s how it applies to toddlers, here’s how this applies with preschoolers, here’s how it applies with school age, here’s how it applies for adolescents, and not make parents do the work.”


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