Mommy Guilt

Written by: Lianne Castelino

Published: Aug 12, 2010

To work or to stay at home is a question many parents face.  Questions of guilt, childcare costs and balance are just some of the problems that face working parents on a day to day basis.

A recent study done by Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development called “First-Year Maternal Employment and Child Development in the First 7 Years” concludes that both the advantages and disadvantages of being a working mother offset each other.  It concluded stating that “the overall effect of first-year maternal employment on child development is neutral.”

The study which focuses solely on mothers gathered data from 1000 children across the U.S from birth to age seven.  It found working mothers displayed greater “maternal sensitivity” toward their children than stay- at- home moms. The study also found pointed out the positive effects of working was very much dependent on the quality of childcare.

“For many moms and dads it boils down to a simple obvious choice – raising their children themselves or not. The choice can be the result of simple mathematics: staying home means no babysitter, daycare or nanny, OR going to work means maintaining an income that is now even more important because of a new addition? One thing for sure, it is never an easy decision,” says Lianne Castelino, co-founder of and parent of three.

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