Preventing Narcissism in Childhood

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Written by: Where Parents Talk Staff

Published: May 4, 2024

Where Parents Talk podcast host Lianne Castelino speaks to Dr. Mary Ann Little, clinical psychologist, therapist in private practice, author and mother of two about how to prevent narcissism in childhood.

Little, Dr. Mary Ann.headshot


Clinical Psychologist
Therapist in private practice
Adjunct Professor, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Mother of 2

“What’s complicated about narcissism is that certain qualities are to develop over the course of childhood. What you should see is that children over time, are learning empathy. They’re coming becoming increasingly cooperative. They’re becoming concerned about the feelings of others and they’re demonstrating more mature coping skills. So you want to see some series of qualities developing at the same time that you want to see earlier qualities fade. And those include impulsiveness, aggressive responses, tantrums, up demands, demands for specialness and special treatment, and that should go down whereas if you will, these better, more adult-desired qualities are coming on.”


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