Spring Break Vacation Success

Written by: Lianne Castelino

Published: Feb 15, 2011

Sitting down to my computer was tough today, I just came back from two weeks off,– we all need a vacation right? If you are thinking about booking your spring break to ease the stress of winter, I have a recommendation for you… Disneyland! I know, I know – Disneyland is no new idea, but this year, they have got some amazing new features sure to make your family vacation one you will never forget.

For 2011, Disney is focused on making memories for your family that your kids will never forget, and they come through like never before. Here are some of the ‘don’t miss’ attractions you need to consider when booking your family trip.

We stayed at The Disneyland Hotel, about a 5 minute walk from Disneyland itself and Disney’s California Adventure Park. Not only was the room beautiful, but as we were turning out the lights, we discovered the headboards twinkelled and played “When you Wish upon a Star” with the flick of a switch.  This is the perfect hotel to stay at if you have little ones that will need to return for some naptime/peace and quiet and a quick dip in the pool before returning to the intensity of the parks.

Pixie Hollow – if your little one is a fairy in training, than Pixie Hollow is the place to be. On the Disneyland grounds, Pixie Hollow takes you and your child into the magical lives of fairies. Tinkerbell and Rosetta are sure to make an appearance.

Bibbity Bobbity Boutique – for the little girl that has always dreamed of being granted a fairy godmother and being transformed into a real princess, this is the place for her. As you walk through the doors, your fairy godmother takes you on a tour, allowing the princess to pick her gown, her accessories and her shoes. She then moves on to her magical chair where the princesses hair is done, her makeup is applied, her nails are painted and then with a wave of the fairy godmother’s wand, the transformation is complete and a princess is born. Princesses can be photographed in the pumpkin/white carriage, or with forest creatures.

Disney World of Colour is probably one of my most enjoyable experiences from this year’s trip. Disney has combined hundreds of fountains, music and lights that culminate in an amazing montage of Disney stories, music and moments. With the warm Californian night, hot chocolate and “A Whole New World” in the background, it’s hard not to get a bit misty…

For when you have had a bit too much of the hard core kidstuff, head to Downtown Disney – the shopping and restaurant hub on the way to the parks. There you will find everything from Sephora to Build A Bear and restaurants and clubs for the 18 and over set – also the only place to find alcohol around the park – good for a parent to know.

Soarin’ Over California in Disneyland’s California Adventure is one of my favourite rides from this year’s trip. This ride takes you on a simulated paragliding experience over California vineyards, crashing waves and puffy clouds – all from 40 feet in the air – this one is a must see for parents and kids alike.

If you have a little boy who thinks Disneyland is only for princesses, make sure you check out the Jedi Knight Training Academy. Knights in training will learn to use their light sabers against evil doers like Darth Vadar and Storm Troopers as well as take the sacred oath known only to Jedi Masters. (This one was fun for the Daddies too)

Disneyland continues to be my go-to place for a perfect family vacation, if you are considering taking your family for a Disney vacation, check out the www.disney.ca for more information.

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