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Sunscreen – slather it on

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by Andrea Howick         

The other morning, I had loaded all the kids into the car for school. It must have been around 8:00 am. My husband had forgotten something in the car, so I rolled down the window and he poked his head in. “Whoa! It smells like the beach in here! You guys all on vacation?” No, dear, we're not on vacation – but that's a topic for anther day.

The reason for his reaction was the overpowering smell of sunscreen in the car. I had slathered all the kids before heading off to school. I think like many moms today, I am completely sun-phobic. Don't get me wrong – it doesn't stop us from doing anything. On the contrary, we are out from dawn till dusk on nice spring weekends and summer days. All the more reason for the layers and layers of sun protection, hats and those SPF 50 t-shirts my kids wear.

The Canadian Dermatology Association's website has a ton of information about protecting kids. Consider this:
“Much of our lifetime sun exposure occurs before the age of 18, so protecting your children from the sun will go a long way in helping prevent skin cancer later on in their lives. While the majority of adults are working indoors in the summer, children and teens are often exposed to the sun for extended periods. “

And here's the category my kids fall into:

Some children face a higher risk than others. Children with fair skin, who usually burn and do not easily tan when out in the sun, have a higher risk of developing skin cancer later in life. Kids with blond or red hair, freckles or many moles, also fall into this high risk group. Parents should pay special attention to sun protection for these children.”

I mean one look at that white skin and strawberry blonde hair, and it's all I can do not to re-apply every 30 minutes! The website goes on to remind parents that even cloudy days can be dangerous as the sun's rays can penetrate most cloud cover. It also reminds us that even school recess is an opportunity for harmful rays to penetrate.

I admit that all this worrying about the sun's harmful rays can put a serious dent in a girl's wallet. I am sure there are plenty of good drugstore brands, but I am hooked on a natural product called Keys

It is not cheap, but I love the way it goes on and the fact that it's all natural and chemical-free. And I get it from a fantastic natural products website called Hornet Mountain.

Let's face it – there is always something to worry about! This makes me feel like I've got SPF 30+ between them and the big bad world.