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Today marks Canada’s 143 birthday, it also marks the perfect excuse to begin engaging your kids in Canadian history. After just finishing their school year most kids will cringe at the thought of another history lesson. However, kids from young to old should know why we are celebrating Canada’s birthday and understand it is not just all about the fireworks. (Although, we know those are fun too!)

So, how you ask do we get our kids engaged?

“One way to get your kids jazzed about Canadian history is a field trip, “ says Lianne Castelino, co-founder of WhereParentsTalk.com.  “The internet adds a rich element to planning a field trip.  You can start by getting your kids to research a specific aspect of Canadian history that they are interested in, then depending on their age, they can either find out where to go to learn more about that specific aspect of Canadian history – be it a museum, a outdoor venue or even the zoo.  Helping them relate what they read with something they can touch and see makes all the difference in engaging them and keeping them interested.”

Major Canadian cities often hold special festivals or events today that would be a great start in getting your children excited about their countries history.

“Also, for younger children, common symbols is a great place to start to peak their interest in Canadian history,” says Andrea Howick, co-founder of WhereParentsTalk.com.  “The Canadian flag, the maple leaf,  the loon, the beaver, lacrosse, hockey — all of these are synonymous with Canadian culture and will resonate with younger children.  Once they choose a symbol, you can decide, based on their age how to stoke their interest – a craft project, a trip to the library, a visit to the zoo, looking at an atlas, cutting out pictures from a magazine to make a collage or a puzzle – the sky’s the limit for their imagination and their introduction to Canadian history.”

Another great resource are child-friendly history books.  There are many pictures books and books for young readers in the library these days that focus on Canadian history.  They are filled with simple facts and appealing pictures that make the journey of learning about Canada a treat for both young and old!

Test your knowledge now!  Take our Canada Quiz for Kids – a great brain-teaser for both kids and parents!

1. What was Canada Day called before it officially became known as Canada Day?

2. Who was the first female Governor General of Canada?

3. What is the name of the first Canadian in space?

4. Where are the Plains of Abraham located?

5. What is the name of the city that is considered the longitudinal centre of Canada?

6. Canada won how many gold medals at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver? 16, 10, 14

7. The game of basketball was invented by a Canadian. True or False.

8. Which famous Canadian musical group go by the initials BT0?

9. What year did Newfoundland enter Confederation?

10. What made the Group of Seven famous?

Find the answers by clicking here (scroll to the bottom)

Let us know how you scored in our comments section!


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