The Puzzle

Written by: Lianne Castelino

Published: Aug 10, 2010

By Shawn Porto presents a weekly guest blog from a first-time dad-to-be, sharing the journey from expectant father to new parent.

I’ve had a difficult time sleeping since that fateful day when my wife came out of our washroom holding a positive pregnancy test.  As I’ve been informed, sleep is something that will become a valuable currency traded between my spouse and I once the baby arrives.

To give you some background on myself, my name is Shawn and I am a 30 year old, rookie father-to-be, anxiously anticipating the birth of my first child.  My wife and I are high school sweethearts and we’ve endured and grown many years together; when most young adults are going it alone.  Looking back, I recall attending my wife’s sweet sixteen’s party in 1998, as her boyfriend at the time.  Little did I know that over the next twelve years I was going to embark on a shared journey, enduring the long-distance hurdle through university, the challenge of a pinpointing a career choice, the planning and execution of a wedding, the purchasing of our first home followed by the crash course in: You’re pregnant with your first child, now what? -101.

As a rookie father-to-be, I’m no different than any man that has been in my position before; I have my  worries about what type of parent I’ll be and what the world will hold for my child.  The only fact that I am certain of is that the day my child is born, I will have done everything in my power to prepare myself through every resource available, and I will still feel overwhelmed by the experience.

In deciding to offer insight, I want to share my take on the many unique events that transpire throughout the 40-week journey to childbirth and I look forward to doing so weekly over the remainder of the pregnancy and beyond.

My wife and I are presently at the 26 week mark with both of us excited to meet our baby, whom we’ve chosen not to know the sex of.  With this in mind, I was staring at my laptop screen at the end of a workday, thinking about how I would create an original blog that is true to the anxious feelings we’re experiencing right now.  My wife always finds my analogies amusing, so I found the best one I could think of that was not a sports analogy (my favorites); but a Puzzle.

To me, awaiting my child has been comparable to being given a single puzzle-piece each day, to a puzzle that has no image to reference. Some pieces are more revealing than others, but you try to be patient over the 280 day period before you have all the pieces (40 weeks) to complete your masterpiece.

Sure, you can find out if your puzzle is pink or blue.  You might pay the extra money to get a sneak peak in 3 or 4 dimensions, or you might be feeling as though your puzzle will never form the vision you have for it.  Whatever the emotion you have towards your puzzle today will funnel into pride when the final piece is in place and the completed puzzle is one that will be yours to appreciate and yes, lose sleep over, for the rest of your life.


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