The Ultimate Playdate!

Written by: Lianne Castelino

Published: May 2, 2011

by Lianne Castelino

Had the absolute pleasure of being involved in a unique event over the weekend — the Fisher-Price Ultimate Playdate presented by Parents Canada.

Unique and innovative in so many ways — the purpose was to celebrate play, and to draw attention to milestones in a young child's life as they relate to play and having fun. 

Fisher-Price has devised an innovative way to help parents select toys that correspond to the specific milestones a child may be experiencing.  The eight milestones are:  Soothe,  Sense, Move, Discover, Socialize, Learn, Create, Imagine. 

Each of these eight milestones were represented in eight playzones complete with toys, balloons, Early Childhood Educators or play-coaches, face-painting, an artwall, DJ, food, a juggler, a bouncy chair for adults (yes you read right!), the Fisher-Price critters – Eddie and Sonya-Lee and special guests — Dr. Marla Shapiro (mom of 3 and Parents Canada Editor), Kathy Buckworth (mom of 4 and Humour Columnist) and Sharon Vinderine (mom of 2 and Founder of PTPA Media) — these moms shared their fascinating perspectives on play.

It was truly a magical celebration of something that many parents, myself included, take for granted —- what children learn through play, and what parents learn about their children by watching them play.Sharon Vinderine & Lianne Castelino

In a world where many children have less freedom to roam free, discover their world, play uninhibited (like we used to as kids), it is a message that is truly worth remembering, celebrating and sharing.  The power of play is truly amazing —- whether you are a baby, toddler, tween, teen or adult.

After all — who among us doesn't like to have fun?

More information:               

Fisher Price Ultimate Playdate presented by Parents Canada


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