Wheeler deale...

Wheeler dealers

by Andrea Howick                Where Parents Talk

We spend much of the winter awaiting spring's arrival. Well, it's here! And along with it, every kind of sport-on-wheels you can imagine. It's a mother's nightmare! Why did I wish away that protective coating of fluffy white snow that made the outdoors a safe, padded room. And if that wasn't safe enough, on top of it, we bundled every inch of their bodies, leaving only their eyeballs and a slit for breathing visible through layers of down, wool and fleece on their faces.


Now, raw flesh is left exposed, ready to come into contact with hard asphalt, concrete and cement at every turn. And are there ever a lot of turns! Picture a two-year old who's perfected one-wheeled turns on his bike's new training wheel…and older boys who have made street hockey more high-octane by playing on roller blades and skateboards.


Just wait for swimming weather, which is right around the corner. One more thing to worry about.