Parenting through High-Pressure Careers

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Written by: Where Parents Talk Staff

Published: Sep 23, 2023

Where Parents Talk radio on 105.9 The Region, host Lianne Castelino speaks to Col. Jeremy Hansen, Canadian Space Agency astronaut,  and his wife, Dr. Catherine Hansen, obstetrician-gynecologist, parents of three about parenting through high-pressure careers.

Hansen, Jeremy.headshot.Canadian-Space-Agency-Astronaut

CF-18 Pilot
Astronaut, Canadian Space Agency
Crew member, Artemis II Mission
Father of 3

“…you just do the very best you can with it. And that’s sort of how we got through all of that. We accepted that we had made these commitments to these careers, they were important to both of us. I was serving my country. Catherine was serving a whole community. I mean, they were really leaning on her. And so we could have changed at either those things, but we really didn’t want to.”

Dr. Catherine Hansen.Headshot

Menopause Practitioner
Mother of 3

“It really became about leaning on the people that we knew would be able to help us and willing to help us and desiring to help us. Or when the children were little, we lived on a military base. And so we had a lot of other families going through sort of similar spouses traveling similar, professional lives. And we really leaned on a lot of people. And I think that, for me, was the biggest survival mechanism that we had available.”


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