The Autonomy-Supportive Parenting Approach

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Written by: Where Parents Talk Staff

Published: Apr 1, 2023

This week on Where Parents Talk radio on 105.9 The Region, host Lianne Castelino speaks to Dr. Emily Edlynn, clinical psychologist, practicing therapist specializing in children and adolescents, academic, blogger, mother of 3 and first-time author — about autonomy supportive parenting.

Headshot.Edlynn, Dr. Emily

Clinical Psychologist
Practicing Therapist (children and adolescents)
Mother of 3
Author, Autonomy-Supportive Parenting: Reduce Parental Burnout and Raise Competent, Confident Children

“This has been studied rigorously for the last 30 years. And a lot of the principles have made it into mainstream things like taking our child’s perspective and having empathy for their experience, offering choices. But I hadn’t seen it wrapped up in the whole framework of autonomy-supportive parenting, with the theory and science behind it. And that’s what I was really excited about with this book — to be able to do for parents. So it’s sharing science, but also a set of strategies. So there’s the theory of it, and the big picture and the mindset of a time — as part of parenting —along with actual tools, and how to use those tools across parenting points of tension across dilemmas. across ages.”



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