Ontario’s Minister of Children and Youth Services has penned an open letter to Toronto’s City Council making his case for why the city’s current street hockey ban should be lifted.  Council is expected to debate the issue later this week. Michael Coteau says Ontario’s capital city can lead the wa...

Lianne Castelino of speaks to Cari Miller, mom of 2, and participant in the first Family Snow Day, Eh! family fundraising event for the Canadian Cancer Society, taking place on Monday February 15, 2016. for more information

Kids hear about cancer. We all do. Experts say it's important to talk about it. In this first part of our World Cancer Day video series, 'Kids Talk- the ABC's of Cancer', we ask kids, "Have you heard about cancer? If so, how?" Don't miss their answers. Plus, Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz, Medical Dir...

Lianne Castelino of speaks to author Luis Fernando Llosa about his new book "Beyond Winning:  Smart Parenting in a Toxic Sports Environment".

There is no question that the best source from which to get your vitamins and minerals is by eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy, grains, protein and omega 3 rich fish.  The fact is many families are on the go and busy and quite often the side of vegetables is not served at the drive ...

Lianne Castelino of speaks to Dr. Mark Tremblay about the leading factors contributing to childhood obesity and about the role of parents in this growing epidemic.

Andrea Howick & Lianne Castelino The art of massage isn't just for injured athletes or stress-filled office workers.  Babies can benefit too. It seems like an oxymoron … infant massage. How could these creatures – swaddled, nurtured, shielded from the cruelties of the world in every ...

What is the 28 Day Total Body Detox? •A 28 Day program designed to help you clear unhealthy toxins from your system •A 7 day meal plan, with snacks, available gluten-free and dairy-free •Pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements to support healthy total body detoxification and healthy...

It still shocks people, even now, even after all this time.   And I am genuinely moved by the reactions - every single time. Many years ago ---- I have no idea when.  All I remember is that I was a fairly young mom when I made 'the discovery".  No idea what precipitated it.  No one told me about ...