By: Melinda Lamarche Summer is here and it’s time to hit the road!  Whether exploring new places or rediscovering old favourites, family road trips can be loads of fun and a chance to create lifelong memories. To keep everyone’s spirits up throughout the journey, it’s a good idea to pack some ...

Tired of the Mommy Wars and the pressure to be perfect? This movie is probably for you! Written by the duo behind the "Hangover," "Bad Moms" stars Mila Kunis as an overworked mom of two who is struggling to juggle the many - and often unreasonable - demands of parenthood. Kunis' eventually rea...

There is nothing like seeing your child explore a new toy for the first time, especially ones with sensory or educational value like a play kitchen.  Unfortunately for the less handy among us, the assembly process can be downright daunting and it may feel like your child will outgrow the toy before ...

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