Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the parents of 15-24 year-olds with evidence-based, pre-vetted, highly researched, long-form interviews in a variety of formats that save time, effort and the repercussions of acting on the misinformation that is so readily available elsewhere. 

We recognize the only those who have experience parenting can be parenting experts, and we celebrate the expertise that each parent brings to their own child’s journey.

We provide a non-judgmental community of peers who help by offering their own experiences and insights to some of parentings’ most pressing and timely problems.



Our Vision

We look to a day when the children of our current members are thriving parents and join our community to seek advice to parent their own children with relentless optimism.

Our Purpose

We inspire confidence in moms and dads so that they can parent with relentless optimism to raise happy, thriving children.

Our Values


  • We do what we say we will do 
  • We are authentic and trustworthy 
  • We do not back down from hard conversations 
  • Our articles and features are evidence based and we maintain objectivity 
  • We rely more on long-form interviews than sound bytes and we run them in their entirety  
  • Transparency: video is our primary form, so people can “see for themselves” 
  • All experts must be parents 


  • No judgement of parents for how they parent
  • Respecting a diversity of viewpoints 
  • Ensure fathers are included, respected and have a voice 
  • Every parent has a place regardless of where they are in their parenting journey 
  • Controversial subjects are okay


  • Authentic conversations 
  • No judgement 
  • Bringing social-emotional learning to discussions 
  • Compassion for others in difficult situations 
  • Commitment to service 
  • Helping people solve problems where we can 
  • Cut across viewpoints and issues and do not advocate for any particular position 


  • Embrace new types of content and delivery mechanisms 
  • Exploring new trends that parents will be interested in 
  • Always open to learning new things 

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