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Written by: Lianne Castelino

Published: Apr 6, 2010

LightSpeed Studios Inc. operates two complementary First Memories™ services for expectant and new parents:

The First Memories™ (FM) Program of interactive, self-serve, web-enabled and kiosk-based, in-hospital baby photography has processed more than 80,000 pictures in 14 hospitals across Canada.  Parents, family and friends may use a picture from their own digital camera card, take an overhead of their newborn on a warmed pad at the kiosk or take a frontal picture with baby in arms at the kiosk and receive a free print on a hospital template immediately.  A web album is established for the parent at and their password sent to their email afterwards.  Print packages can be ordered at the kiosk or later from the website.  Emails of the picture can be sent from the kiosk or later from the website.  There are numerous prizes, including picture of the month and year given to our users.  Valuable coupons and other sponsor offerings are available through the website.
A narrated “Introduction” is provided at
The First Memories™
currently is shipping over 210,000+ Gift Bags, on an annualized basis, that are distributed to expectant
and new parents through our network of more than 800+ prenatal instructors (public and private), public health units / regions / authorities, mid-wives, doulas, obstetric / ultrasound clinics and other related practitioners, from
coast to coast to coast.  The vast majority of our Gift Bags are distributed through institutional / governmental organizations and related programs.  The FM GIFTClub has shipped well over 175,000+ Gift Bags in its
first year which include “baby friendly” samples, coupons and literature from the FM Program, Huggies® (diapers & wipes), Baby Stages (magazine), UC Baby (ultrasound), Brand Celebrations Inc. (in-home and sponsor-driven gifting parties), Today’s Parent  Magazine (magazine), C.S.T. Consultants Inc. (RESP) etc., and the list is growing quickly.
Recipients of the Gift Bags are encouraged to register for the GIFTClub by postage paid registration cards or telephone or online to obtain further coupons and offers as well as chances to win substantial monthly prizes and a yearly prize of a room makeover, or cash equivalents.  Expectant and new parents can sign-up today

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