How To Survive Moving Home With Kids

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Written by: Guest Contributor

Published: Dec 21, 2021


Are you planning a big move with your children?

Perhaps you’re feeling a bit apprehensive as the day draws closer? Moving home is a big deal for adults and kids alike, but with the help of these tips, you’ll minimize the stress.

1 . Organize everything early

If you’re moving home with kids you’ll need to get organized early, moving home involves many different tasks, and when you’ve got children, you don’t want to be rushing around at the last minute. 

Here are a few general tips to start getting organized:

  • Compare removal companies and choose an experienced service with great reviews.
  • Declutter your home and start packing as early as possible.
  • Contact your bill providers, you might want to close the accounts or transfer to your new home.
  • Deep clean your property or hire a cleaning service.
  • Arrange storage options if necessary.
  • Shop for new items, whether curtains or decor etc.

2. Help kids to adjust

Moving home can be a scary experience for kids. You’ll need to help them to adjust in whatever way you can. Ask your children how they are feeling about the move, allow them to express their emotions, and ask them what they are worried about. Support them with these worries, make sure they know that they can talk to you.

If your kids are worried about missing their friends, support them to stay in touch. Equally, reassure them that they will make new friends. As much as possible, try to present moving as a fun experience.

3. Use moving home books

Supporting your kids to learn is one of the best parenting tips, and there are many great books about moving home. Stories can be an amazing way to help children to learn and understand their emotions. Here are a few story books which you might like to give a try:

Moving Molly by Shirley Hughes: This is a book all about missing your old home, and coming to terms with these feelings. Join Molly as she explores her new house and goes on an adventure in her neighbors garden.

You Go Away by Dorothy Corey: This is a great book to help kids learn about saying goodbye. If your children are anxious about leaving friends behind, this is a very useful resource.

4. Involve your kiddies

If your children are feeling worried about moving it can be helpful to involve them in the process. When they feel like they are helping, this can help to calm their nerves. Here are a few general pointers to consider:

  • Let your children help you pack up their belongings.
  • Help them to pick out items for their new room.
  • Take them to their new neighborhood and let them have a look around.

5. Get some support 

When you’ve got plenty to do it can be helpful to have support. Working with a talented realtor is a great way to ensure a stress free moving process. Jennifer Jewell Realtors provide an amazing service, you can explore the website to find out more.

With these five tips to hand you’ll have a stress free moving experience with your family. Moving can feel like a chore, but as long as you get organized, the process isn’t so bad!


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