Recognition of Service

Written by: Lianne Castelino

Published: Jul 28, 2011

It’s so rare these days, so precious that it absolutely must be celebrated if and when spotted or executed. (In my humble opinion).

Especially because it is so darn important, impacts each and every one of us — young, old, parent, non-parent, child to grandparent.

Funnily enough we learn it from the time we are toddlers and call it different names but it all amounts to the same thing — doesn’t it?

I have decided to elevate the status of good customer service to an outright act of kindness.  And as such plan to acknowledge each and every act of good customer service.  Because gems must be treasured.

Case and point.

I recently went to a massive toy sale which was attended by let’s say several hundred, if not thousands of people.  It was my first time attending.  I plotted out my strategy — arrive early, be patient, enjoy the experience.  Toy shopping is thrilling stuff after all.

I arrived about 10 minutes before the doors opened and say a line-up wind its way through the parking lot.  No problem.  The signage and parking attendants were courteous, the other shoppers clearly excited by the joy that awaited them and within seconds the doors opened and off we went.

Inside the massive warehouse, toys were invitingly displayed, clearly labelled and people excited but civil.

I filled up my cart and then some, even met some friends along the way, asked for help and got some wonderful assistance from the staff, and off I proceeded to the massive checkout line.  Up to this point, my time commitment was about 30 minutes.  (That’s likely a record cause anyone who knows me knows I do not browse as a shopper.  I know what I want and set out to get it and get out!)

Anyhow the checkout line looked intimidating, but again staff pointed people into different lines depending on their ‘cart load’.  Before I knew it I was cashing out, being helped by two smiling, friendly ladies and after expressing my joy at having finished my Christmas shopping, I was done.  To my added joy, there was a lovely staff member in the parking lot who offerred and then carried some of my bags for me to my car.  Amazed and ecstatic!! How lovely.

I was so overjoyed with the experience that I drove right over to the head office of this company, and told them.  Brazen, perhaps, necessary, absolutely.  The head office happened to be in the area so it was not a big deal.  Had it not been there I most certainly would have called them to let them know what an outstanding experience I had.

I happened to meet the head of marketing for the company and told him just that — “I had the most outstanding shopping experience just now and I just had to come over here and tell you!”  He was so happy to hear it!

In an age where many companies pay lip-service to customer service (can you say phone giants), and in an era of the almighty dollar, nothing can replace the kindness, patience, forethought, consideration or an excellent customer service experience.

To me it boils down to simple good manners.

Isn’t that what we drill into our kids from the day they understand yes and no?

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