Tips To Make Running A Business Easier As a Parent

Running a business as a parent

Written by: Guest Contributor

Published: Nov 23, 2021

Raising children and running a business are challenging enough on their own.

If you’re doing both at the same time, you may feel like you’re constantly swimming against the tide. If you wish there were more hours in the day, or you long for a healthier work-life balance, here are some tips to help make managing a business easier as a parent. 



Technology should be your best friend if you are balancing running a company and looking after children. Tech offers a raft of advantages for business owners across all industries. One of the most significant advantages of using technology is the ability to save time and effort. From machinery that produces parts or products rapidly and hospital contract management software to make invoicing and collecting payments easier to online communications tools, there are benefits for every company. If you’re not up to speed with the latest technological developments or innovations, analyze what your competitors are doing, audit technology to see what you are currently using and research potential investments. If you’re not an expert, it’s worth seeking advice from IT professionals and consultants who specialize in working with businesses to help them boost efficiency and save money. 

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Delegating can be an incredibly difficult skill to master for entrepreneurs who like to take control and engage in hands-on management. Delegating can be instrumental in effective management, particularly if you have multiple plates spinning and you don’t have time to be in the office or at the end of the phone every minute of the working day. Hire people you trust, build a core team and have confidence and faith in your employees. Understand that it’s impossible to be in two places at once and let employees take control of tasks that match their skill set and level of experience and expertise. Issue clear instructions, engage in open communication and catch up regularly to monitor progress and ensure that you’re aware of everything that is going on. 



Time management is critical when you are both a parent and a business owner. Both tasks are demanding. To achieve a better work-life balance and boost your productivity and protect wellbeing, take control of your diary. Prioritize essential tasks, make time for your company and your family and take steps to free up time. Work smarter instead of longer, schedule downtime and learn to say no. Pass on tasks that could easily be done by your team and say no to invitations or meetings if you’re already chasing your tail or you’re craving a quiet night in with your kids. You could also consider reducing time pressures by asking for help, for example, joining forces with other moms and dads to do the school run or hiring a cleaner or somebody to look after your children between the end of school and the end of your working day. It’s also a great idea to save time by taking advantage of hacks like shopping online to eliminate time-consuming trips to the store or mall. 


Video calls and conferences

One of the best ways to save time and reduce business expenses is to swap face to face meetings for video calls. Most of us have used our phones and tablets more in the last two years, and video calls have become the norm during the pandemic. As a business owner, utilizing apps and software enables you to contact colleagues, employees and clients without having to travel. An hour-long meeting now takes an hour, rather than hours to get to a different city, time to get to the venue and then a return journey and even an overnight stay. You can free up a huge amount of time and save a substantial amount of cash by switching to video calls and conferences. It may not always be appropriate to speak over the phone or via a video call, but if you don’t have to be at a meeting in-person, opt for virtual events. Using this tactic with your team will also free up more time for them to focus on core tasks, which should boost productivity and efficiency and reduce staff expenses. 

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Managing a business and being a parent is tough. There are constant demands on your time, and you may feel like you need to be in several places at once. If you are struggling to strike a balance, or you wish you had more time to focus on parenting or being a company owner, there are ways to save time and effort and simplify work-related tasks. Embrace technology, manage your diary, don’t be afraid to delegate and pass jobs on and take advantage of the speed and convenience of video calls and conferences. 

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