Week 2: Ingredients Key to Healthy Meals

Written by: Lianne Castelino

Published: Mar 11, 2016

By: Corey Etherington

Quality definitely does count. The fresher the ingredients, the better the taste and the more my family eats! But – spending quality time spent with family also counts so I’m working on finding the balance between grocery shopping, working full time, and taking care of a toddler, I know it can be done!

Week 2 has been a great reminder of how important it is to be organized – I can’t even begin to tell you the degree to which a meal plan – as we discussed last week – simplifies weekday cooking!

Here is what I can say about our meals this week:

Monday: Slow Cooker Pot Roast

Ross & Corey’s Rating: Really tasty! A hearty meal full of flavor.

Edie’s Rating: This is Edie’s absolute favourite meal ever! I’ve actually made it a few times and she seems to love it more and more each time. She is a big fan of beef so this is a no-brainer for us and definitely something we will make again.

Corey’s Tip 1: Chopping all the veggies the night before makes this dish really easy to prepare. Throw it all in the best appliance ever – the slow cooker – and walk away!

Corey’s Tip 2: I’ve made this with stewing beef and it is just as good.

Dietitian Tip 1: This dish has a great combination of vitamins and minerals. Beef is one of many great sources of iron and it is nicely complimented by the vitamin C in the potatoes, which helps our body absorb the iron.

Dietitian Tip 2: For parents with younger kids who are just starting out on solids having your little ones suck or gnaw on the beef can often be enough to get them the iron need – it’s in the juices!

Dietitian Tip 3: When buying pre-made seasoning mixtures such as; steak seasoning be sure to read the ingredients and look for ones without added salt and MSG. Making your own mixtures at combinations and keeping them in plastic bags is a surefire way to know exactly what goes into your spice mixtures.

Tuesday: Fresh Tomato Soup & Tahini Lemon Kale Salad

Ross & Corey’s Rating: Why did I ever use tomatoes from a can?!! This tomato soup recipe is so easy and so delicious. Plus, you will learn a really fun way to peel tomatoes – my mind was blown! The Kale Salad was delicious too. We LOVED the salad dressing. I might’ve forgotten to put the quinoa until we were almost done eating but regardless, it was delicious.

Edie’s Rating: Edie looked in the bowl and said “cereal” and then cried… her dreams of cereal for dinner were shattered in that moment.

Corey’s Tip 1: Remember all of the ingredients – I forgot to buy basil which would’ve been a nice addition to the soup and I forgot to put the quinoa in the salad.

Corey’s Tip 2: Add some extra vegetables to the salad. I added an avocado and it was so delicious in the dressing.

Dietitian Tip: Take advantage of your region’s tomato season! Pureeing and canning them ensures fresh tomato flavor all year round! In Ontario, field tomatoes are in season from July to October.   Check online for your local fruit and vegetable season guide.

Wednesday: Leftovers! We had a bit of everything that was in the fridge.

Thursday: Thai Chicken Soup

Ross and Corey’s Rating: I’m not a huge fan of Thai food and I actually had dinner plans with a friend so I prepped this meal for Ross. Ross’ rating… a little bland. I forgot to buy fish sauce and I think that might’ve added some flavor.

Edie’s Rating: Stay tuned… we’re going to give it a try tonight!

Corey’s Tip 1: Don’t forget the ingredients!

Corey’s Tip 2: Chop the ingredients the night before.

Dietitian: When using recipes from new websites, check for comments from people who have attempted the recipe already. This was the mistake I made with this recipe and when I tried it this week, I too found that it was bland.

Week 2 was another successful week! Because I was well prepared with my fresh ingredients, meal plan and stocked fridge, the daunting task of cooking didn’t weigh as heavy on me as it has in the past. I prepped and cooked and I even had time to bake with Edie, which is something she loves to do. I guess I’m beginning to find my balance of quality ingredients and quality time – still have lots of work to do though. Looking forward to Week 3! Keep following us for more delicious recipes.

For more expert advice on healthy eating, contact:
Amanda Lapidus, RD, BSc.Registered Dietitian, Simply Nutrition


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