Week 5: Make it Stick!

Written by: Lianne Castelino

Published: Mar 31, 2016

By: Corey Etherington

Nutrition Month has come and gone but our healthy eating journey is just beginning! I have learned so much over this past month and my goal moving forward is exactly what Dietitians of Canada has set out for all of the participants – to Make it Stick!

This past month gave me confidence in the kitchen that I didn’t know was possible. I overcame my own fears and self-doubt and realized that I actually CAN cook. That is a great accomplishment but the biggest feat by far was that I managed to successfully feed my family something fresh, new and tasty almost every night.

Prior to this challenge, I was feeding my toddler Edie in her high-chair while hurriedly trying to prepare something for Ross and I to eat once Edie was asleep. Being able to eat together over the last few weeks was awesome and Edie absolutely loved it. She looked forward to it and ate so much more than before. Eating as a family definitely made a difference for her and I know I want to keep that up!

I plan on taking all that I’ve learned and applying these healthy new habits moving forward. Below are just some of my favourite nutrition tips:

  • Create weekly meal plans
  • Write a detailed grocery list and stick to it!
  • Buy quality ingredients including more local ingredients whenever possible
  • Ensure I am cooking enough for next-day leftovers!
  • Continue to try new things and new cooking techniques

Amanda showed me that cooking at home is possible even with a busy lifestyle. Her guidance and encouragement really helped and I’m so thankful for the nudge she gave me to participate in the 100 Meal Journey. Working with a dietitian doesn’t have to be something we save for when there’s a health problem. I hope you have enjoyed following along and I hope you too can Make it Stick!

For more expert advice on healthy eating, contact: Amanda Lapidus, RD, BSc.Registered Dietitian, Simply Nutrition 416-805-2584, amanda@simplynutrition.ca, www.simplynutrition.ca


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