A Family’s Story Navigating Childhood Cancer

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Written by: Guest Contributor

Published: Feb 25, 2023

This week on Where Parents Talk radio on 105.9 The Region, host Lianne Castelino speaks to Gina and Carlo Colaiacovo, a high school teacher and sports broadcaster at TSN 1050, respectively, about their journey living with childhood cancer, after their young son was diagnosed with cancer.
Colaiacovo.Gina and Carlo - Living with childhood cancer

Mother of 2

Sports Broadcaster, TSN 1050
Former NHL player
Father of 2



“I definitely felt like I just kind of dropped everything. In the beginning, I remember looking down at my body, after the nurse had talked to us, and I walked out of the room with her, and I was just walking down the hall. And I remember like looking down at my body, touching my legs being like, oh my gosh, she was talking to me, like this is about my kid.”      Gina Colaiacovo

“…shock and devastation were the two big things that I think we both felt at the time because he didn’t really show any signs of being really sick at the time. I mean, he was just battling with what normal kids go through. And then you know — God bless my wife and her motherly instincts. She was adamant to get more answers and took him to McMasters Children’s Hospital, which was a saving grace for us.”       Carlo Colaiacovo

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