Parenting Athletes and Early Learning Options

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Written by: Where Parents Talk Staff

Published: Apr 29, 2023

This week on Where Parents Talk radio on 105.9 The Region, host Lianne Castelino speaks to Roger Nurse, educator coach, referee and hockey Dad of three about parenting athletes and Brionna Khamoo, Early Childhood Educator and Enrolment Coordinator at ChildVentures Early Learning Academy about what parents should consider when choosing a child’s first school.

Nurse, Roger. - parenting athletes

Hockey Dad

“I’d say one of the biggest challenges I had was, you want to maintain a good positive relationship with your kids and, and also have the authoritarian thing, like who’s the boss. And, again, I see it as a teacher, I see it as a parent, it’s finding the balance. And I always believe that displaying a good relationship — me and my wife having a good relationship — showing our kids a good relationship helps breed good people.”


Khamoo, Brionna.Headshot

Early Childhood Educator
Enrolment Coordinator, ChildVentures Early Learning Academy

“I think you really need to start with what do you value as a family?Is it that you want your child to be socialized — because we know that social experiences are so integral to a child’s overall development. Is it that you want to see their nutrition? Do you want them to just have fun and have the ability to play with some peers, children their own age? Or are you really starting up the foundation of their education and wanting them to be learning? So I think when you can really break that down into what you see valuable as a family, that’s when you can start to type into Google what those key word searches are. And that is going to narrow your search in terms of what you’re looking for.”


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